The statement of Movement of Change For Afghanistan Party ( MoCAP) regarding "Afghan Assembly!

1. We believe that the Loya Jirga is the "highest manifestation of people's will" in the recent constitution of Afghanistan, which was cancelled by Taliban. Therefore, the Loya Jirga of Taliban is illegitimate and illegal.


2. The mechanism for selecting the members of the Afghan Assembly, or the Loya Jirga, is a one-sided mechanism. The participants, are members and supporters of the Taliban.


3. Women, who make up half of the country's population, are not present in the Loya Jirga. Without the presence of women, Jirga and its decisions are not acceptable to the people of Afghanistan.


4. We believe that the only way to gain legitimacy is to refer to the people and make them take part in power, the Taliban should think about collective legitimacy. 


5. In today's era, women represent themselves in all over the world  including Islamic countries. They are part of different decision-making levels. The irresponsible statements of the Taliban officials regarding the presence of women, are an insult to public consciousness and Afghan women awareness. 





Movement of Change For Afghanistan Party ( MoCAP) 


29 June 2022

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