Press Statement; Movement of Change Afghanistan political party on Oslo meeting


Press Statement; Movement of Change Afghanistan political party on Oslo meeting


The Oslo meeting between civil society and the Taliban is held at a time when the

Afghanistan and its people are suffering from multi-dimensional challenges the

country face, including humanitarian crises, political, and obvious violation of

human rights.

After the military take -over of Taliban on the 15 of August 2021, they continued

to suppress civilians, especially women, this happens in contradiction to Taliban’s

promises during negotiation. After the recent developments, women were denied

the right to work, to study political and economic participation and literary they

try to make women invisible and as the Human Rights council report of 2022

emphasized that Taliban want to erase women. Demonstrators are continuously

repressed and detained with no one taking accountable. Their legitimate and civil

demands are ignored, and they are continually subjected to repression,

extrajudicial punishment, insults and humiliation.

The Current establishment is not inclusive and it does not reflect the wishes and

well of the people.

Freedom of the press and opinions are clearly restricted, media experience

censorship, political parties and civil society organizations, the Bar Association,

are either not allowed to operate or are struggling with restrictions.

The current situation doesn’t benefit the best interest of our country and our


Movement of Change propose the following immediate recommendation:

- The UN led international community must facilitate a constructive and

meaningful political dialogue to resolve the existing crisis of inclusion and


- Distribute humanitarian aid to the Afghan people on a neutral basis with

meaningful inclusion of women not only as aid recipient but also as

decision makers. The Taliban should be held accountable for their actions

and the international community, including neighbouring countries, should

engage effectively to hold them accountable.

- Taliban must release those arrested, stop extra- judiciary killings and arrest.

Respect the diversity of opinion and let women exercise their rights.

Long live to Afghanistan.

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