Movement for change Party's announcement about the reopening of girls' schools,


The news of the reopening of the girls' school had raised hopes and the students also welcomed the move. Unfortunately, the Taliban, in contrary to the expectations of the Afghan people and the international community, prevented the reopening of the girls' school. They stated that all girls' schools (secondary and high school) would be closed until further notice.

The movement for change party does not accept the statement of the Taliban which is; "If school uniforms are designed in accordance with Sharia, customs, and culture, then girls' schools will start."

The people of Afghanistan expected girls' schools to reopen today after months of closure. It is unfortunate that, unlike all other Islamic countries and the world, the gates of educational institutions, especially schools, are closed to girls.

The movement for change party emphasizes on the following points:

1. Closing girls' schools is against the national interest and the Taliban's commitment to the Afghan people and the international community. Such actions further isolates Afghanistan and limits the country's political and economic future.

2. The closure of girls' schools is against Islamic values. The religion of Islam emphasizes on education for everyone regardless of their gender.

3. The movement for change party, as one of the people oriented, and influential political parties in the country, wants the gates of schools to re-opened for girls as soon as possible.

Movement for change part


25 March, 2022


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