I would to write with full of pride after a few years I managed to write my own narratives from Ms. Fawzia Koofi. A collection of articles and essays taken from the perspective of my experiences in more than a decade of long journey is to be published as a book.  

Shouldn’t be remain unsaid it was not possible to compile the articles and essays without the cooperation, giving opportunity and motivation of Ms. Koofi to write a book. What you read in several episodes are the narratives of more than a decade of journey with Ms. Koofi founder and leader of MoCAP “Movement of Change for Afghanistan Party”. These narratives begin from 2008 and enduring up to now. The contents and topics that you read in several sections and in different affairs have been written in a fragmented manner.


 This series of narrations are an endeavor is convey the thoughts and ideas of Ms. Koofi. I have said many times that the thoughts and ideas of Ms. Koofi need an autopsy. The alteration of individuals thoughts, ideas and programs need to be spread among the people in order to become a national discourse. Though it is hard to write and address the thoughts, ideas and programs of Ms. Koofi in a few articles, but I try to address different scopes as mentioned these are the topics from “MORE THAN A DECADE JOURNEY”  which will published as soon as possible.

From now we will publish the important parts of the book here in MoCAP website. You will read one of the articles here every week. I hope I can do what she deserves with full fidelity.


Saboor Bayat








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